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Rebate Incentives

Want to Spend NOTHING to Save Thousands on Your HVAC Costs?

We like the way you think!

We would like schedule a 15-minute phone conversation to talk about these two things:

  1. The three major problems most Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Religious Institutional Facilities face and what to do about them.
  2. Whether you're a good candidate for new equipment rebates and lower energy costs.

Still waiting for the "catch"? There isn't one!

Here's what has happened for others who have spoken with me:

They got a free engineering study that shows exactly how much energy and money they can save.

They took advantage of incentives that pay up to a 50% rebate on HVAC project costs.

They saw a project ROI of fewer than two years.

They reduced their energy use an average of 30%.

N-Control Inc. has done something no other company can match. We have helped more Illinois companies get energy rebates and save more money by automating part or all of their HVAC systems.

Let's make this happen for you. Return my call at 847-509-2171 or reply to this email: leemike@n-controlinc.com.

Welcome to the most productive—and profitable—15 minutes of your week!

Michael Lee


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